Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blueberry Bounty

Long time no post!  The kids and I were able to get to Bridgeton, NC for some wet and wild blueberry picking in June... or May; I can't remember!  Either way, we were picking the day after some pretty heavy showers, so the areas between the rows of bushes were wet and muddy.  I will say I am thankful I made sure Molly had an extra change of clothes in her diaper bag.  

 Not only did she sit in a puddle but the sweat made her twice as icky!

 She was so loaded up with blueberries I thought I would need to weigh her on our way out. 

 That may be the only blueberry Becton picked that made it into the bucket... 

 Shortly after this picture was taken, Molly was no longer satisfied to eat one or two berries at a time; she sat on the ground with the bucket in front of her and proceeded to gorge herself on blueberries.  We're still working on teaching self-control ;)

Despite the mud, heat and sweat, I'm sure we'll be back next year, because who can say no to a face like this?

And thanks to Lindsay Corrigan for going with us and for bringing her camera! Also I must say that these blueberries tasted great in the Best Blueberry Muffin Recipe Ever!! And I've made quite a few muffins.

The Johnson